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Urban Ledge - Brad Breen

Brad Breen from Urban Ledge is a maker of Australian handcrafted timber products for the home.

Urban Ledge started off as a hobby in a small workshop and evolved into a part-time ‘relationship’ over the last ten years. The inspiration behind it was to create homewares made from Australian timber that are unique, artistic and practical in use. And to create the ‘wow’ factor for those who have a love of timber. In creating this ‘platform’ for urban living, the catchy business known as ‘Urban Ledge’ just happened.

The medium for each piece is the eco friendly Camphor Laurel, non-native timber which is sourced locally. It is considered a weed in Australia, due to its rapid growth and invasive nature. It is known for antibacterial qualities and striking grains like no other timber.

The natural forming curves and sometimes defects within the timber are retained  in each individual product made by Urban Ledge.