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Maria-Alice Passos - Sculptor

Maria-Alice is a Brazilian/Australian artist working mainly with ceramics and aggregation.

She holds a Fine Arts Diploma from Hornsby TAFE and since 2010, has been continuously enrolled in a sculpture class at Roseville Art Centre.

Born in São Paulo/Brazil, and after completing a degree in Business and post-graduation in Economy, Maria-Alice worked for several years as a financial analyst in an investment bank.

In 1996, she moved to Australia with her husband and baby daughter and, while juggling family and a part time job, slowly found her way to art.

Initially art was just a mother and child activity but, as the interest grew, she started joining the occasional classes for drawing and painting. Finally enrolling in a full time Fine Arts Diploma at Hornsby TAFE in 2008, which she completed the following year. At TAFE, she discovered ceramics, aggregation and the pleasure of working with three-dimensional forms.

Since 2010, she has been enrolled at sculpture classes at Roseville Arts Centre and under the guidance of fellow KAT exhibitor Helen Letee, she has continued to explore the techniques of hand building particularly the human form.

Throughout her life, Maria-Alice has always cultivated a love for learning and a search to understand the world that surrounds us. Making art is, for her, a method for sorting out the diverse information that reaches her attention. In particular, she is interested in the human condition, in the relationship between our inner and outer natures, and in the notion of unity and multiplicity.