Helen Leete - Sculptor

Helen Leete has worked as a sculptor, almost all her life, since first studying Fine Arts many years ago. However, to give herself the freedom to create simply for the sake it, for some years she also taught HSC art, and sculpture for adults.

Creating sculpture gives her great joy. Not being interested in fame or fortune, she has found that working quietly, with a low profile, enables her to create with more authenticity and soul.

She works mainly with private collectors who choose sculptures which they love, and which resonate with their being.

Notable public works:

Although she now works almost exclusively for private art lovers, there are several of her public sculptures around Sydney.

“EARTHMOTHER” in the Royal Botanic Gardens near the Opera House. A vastly popular work which has drawn comment from a wide variety of admirers, from all over the world, while children particularly are drawn to the space within the arch of the arms.

 “OCEANIDES” in the ocean, off Fairy Bower, is another much-loved public work, appearing in many publications. (The engineer who helped install it, and who lives above the sculptures, once remarked that the sculptor would be a millionaire if paid a mere dollar for every time it was photographed!) The image appears on dozens of books, websites, and advertisements. It has become in the words of many “an Icon of Manly.”

The sculptures were so loved by the people of Manly, that when one of the originals was damaged in a storm after being there for 20 year, hundreds volunteered to contribute to a bronze replacement. A committee sprang up, and at their opening function they sold the whole edition of 12 miniature of the Sea Nymphs, at $6,000 each, easily raising the funds for the bronze replacements, which are currently being cast.  

Also “ARCHED BACK BATHER” at Manly, on the rock above the beach for several years and then sold to the Manly Pacific Hotel

“KATA TJUTA EARTH ANCESTORS” in Bancroft Sculpture Park, Roseville, based on the earth and forms of the Olgas, in Central Australia.

“LANDSCAPE FORM” in the grounds of Macquarie University, etc.

website: www.helenleete.com