Art by Degrees - Blacksmith

A qualified Blacksmith by trade, each piece is hand forged and assembled for that personal touch. We operate out of our workshop or from The Australiana Pioneer Village at Wilberforce NSW. Our range of work varies from small souvenirs through to large purposeful household and building items. At the Australiana Pioneer Village, we provide the Blacksmithing demonstration all day, each Sunday ( unless we’re showing elsewhere ), forging parts for our creations, not just blacksmithing for the show of the visitors!

We make a range of products for general sale and we can produce your ideas or custom design. By not having a single vein of style or art, we are continuously exploring the varied avenues of the Blacksmithing trade, further increasing our ability to create new and interesting pieces. Many of our pieces incorporate natural hardwoods taking advantage of their Australian grown beauty. And by combining them with the raw coldness of hand forged steel, these items are both subtle, yet strong in their presence.

By using the time-honoured practices of old, each piece represents the effort of hand forging hot steel into forms of useful art items. Because Blacksmithing is a tradition of passing down abilities and also looking forward for new ideas, some modern practices can be incorporated into our products. Where necessary for the Art’s sake, this is the only time you may see a modern twist to our items.

Daily live demonstrations will be performed by Art by Degrees across the trail weekend.